Instructions for Sierra Singles Leaders:

How to Enter a Hiking Activity on the OARS Calendar


(1) Login:

Login to the OARS website at: .  Enter the following in the fields there:


Member Number:  This is your Sierra Club member number, the same number on your Sierra Club card.  If you cannot find the number, e-mail me (at ) and I can e-mail it to you.


Password:  If this is your first time logging in to the website or you have forgotten your password, then you will need to get a new password by entering your e-mail address (the same e-mail address to which this e-mail was sent) and clicking the button "Get Password" at the bottom of the login box.  Assuming you entered the right e-mail address, you will then get a page showing your contact information.  Click the "Send New Password" button in the contact information, and your assigned password will be sent to your e-mail address.   



(2) List of Activities:

 The first page on the Activity Entry website shows a list of activities for Sierra Singles (all past & current events) that have been entered on OARS.  To create a new activity from scratch, click the "Create New Activity" button.  To create a new activity based on one already in the list, search through the list for the old activity and press the "Copy" button in the activity's listing.   Note, you can search the list by leader name, activity date, etc., using the filter boxes at the top of the page.


(3) Activity Details:  

After completing step 2 above, you will be on the Activity Entry page.  Here is where you enter (or update) all the information for your activity.   On the "Activity Details" tab on the page, you must fill in (or update as necessary) all the required boxes.  Below is an example of how to enter information in the boxes for a typical day hike (red arrows indicate information that must be filled in).

NOTE WHEN COPYING AN OLD LISTING YOU MUST RE-ENTER THE OUTING CATEGORY (Select "Choose" and then reselect "Outing") EVEN THOUGH "Outing" IS ALREADY SELECTED OR YOU WILL GET AN ERROR "actEntryForm:actType: Validation Error: Value is not valid" AND YOUR HIKE WON'T SAVE.


Note, "Show on Map" is optional, but it is advised to check the option because it allows your hikers to get individualized travel directions to the trail head (use the "Map It" button to enter the map Latitude and Longitude).  


(4) Other InformationUse the "Other Information" tab to enter information on costs (if any), what to bring, a more specific  "Meet" location & directions to the trail head,  and instructions on rain cancellation (if any).  Here is an example:

Note, only use the above sample carpool blurb if you are also listing your hike on our MeetUp website. 


(5) Leaders

Before you can save your activity, you need to assign yourself as the hike leader on the "Leaders" tab.  Click the button "Add leader from LEADERS" and click on your name from the list of Sierra Singles leaders to select yourself.  Here is an example of what it will look when completed:


(6) Save Activity:

Lastly, you need to save your activity.  Click the "Save" button at the top of the screen (see below).




NEED MORE HELP?  If you have trouble with the above instructions, you can click the "Help" link in the upper right hand corner of whatever OARS page you are working on to get more detailed instructions from the Sierra Club "Clubhouse" website.  If you use the Clubhouse help website, it will prompt you to  "Log In."  The log-in information for the Clubhouse website is (1) User Name: clubhouse; (2) Password: explore.  Both the user name and password must be entered without any capital letters.


NEED EVEN MORE HELP?  You can e-mail me (Tom Hinshaw) with questions or contact me at my telephone number (510) 769-9778.